Olivia Ponte visited VDCA in November 2014

I met Togh on the Wednesday early afternoon. He came to my hostel where we sat down for a quick introduction; then we drove to the Anlung Pi village. The journey was a good opportunity for me to get to know him and understand his challenges. Once we arrived at the first school, kids were just finishing their last class of the day; they welcomed me so warmly, with smiles, cuddles and some songs; we then went on to see the others schools; at VDCA, I had the opportunity to attend a class given by Sreyleap.
The next morning, Sreyleap picked my up from my hostel. The day before Togh asked her to prepare a list of supplies. I followed her to the markets, where we picked some shoes (10 pairs in total), toothbruhes (48) and toothpaste. We also got some supplies (scissors, pens,exercise books, erasers for the board, color papers).
Although my visit was short as I was only in Cambodia for a few days, I have been left overwhelmed by the kids, Togh and the teachers I met; their dedication and commitment are truly inspiring.

I hope this was a first point of contact, and that I will be able to do more in the near future. I wanted to thank you for making it all possible;  I hope to be in touch soon.