Please help raise £40,000 shortfall

In May 2014 Newsweek published a report which severely damaged the reputation of Somaly Mam, a woman who even Simon Marks (a primary instigator of the damning stories) acknowledged had done enormous good. In June 2014 the Somaly Mam Foundation (SMF) withdrew all funding to AFESIP without notice. This decision was taken despite their awareness that AFESIP was reliant upon their funds, thus placing over 150 vulnerable children and women in immediate risk and danger.

Schools for Children of Cambodia (SCC) Trustees have witnessed first-hand the dedicated and effective work that AFESIP has carried out across Cambodia over many years. We have maintained close contact with management at AFESIP throughout the crisis. Staff have been open and transparent about the very real difficulty they are in and continue to look for help and assistance from international donors to try and secure the immediate safety and security of their vulnerable residents.

In July 2014 one of AFESIP's key funders Project Futures put out a statement,

'Our Board of Directors requested the last three years of reporting and audited account from AFESIP Cambodia which they handed over without question. AFESIP has a robust reporting structure and gets their accounts audited annually by Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC) Cambodia.'

In addition Project Futures were also given a report completed by Urban Light Institute which was a programme audit funded by the US State Department. To quote Projects Futures 'The contents of this report are complementary to AFESIP's programmes and their impact on trafficked women plus it suggested some minor areas for improvements. All feedback was taken positively by AFESIP.' You can read this report in full here.

In September 2014 Somaly Mam responded to the damning publicity received from SMF and both national and international media. Marie Claire magazine published an interview with her. 'Marie Claire Magazine Investigates and Rebuts Attacks on Somaly Mam'. 

Somaly Mam's and AFESIP's priority has always been the safety and security of the children and women with whom they work. We urge you to help them in their current funding crisis by donating what you can to The people in the care of AFESIP do not deserve to be in the desperate situation in which they now find themselves.

A Question of Responsibiilty

SCC guarantees that every penny we receive from you will go to the frontline services in Cambodia. If you wish to satisfy your concerns further regarding the importance of AFESIP's work please visit their website at you can view their Audited Financial Reports and Annual Reports there. If you want any further information or want to discuss the feasibility of starting your own fundraising events in support of AFESIP please email SCC's Trustees at

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