Feeding Dreams Cambodia have successfully relocated to their new school

On the 1st September 2014, they opened the gates to their new Centre. 800 children were so excited with the new larger premises of 4,200 square metres, larger and cooler classrooms and much more room to run and play. 
They relocated only 5 minutes away from their old site and have not lost any students whatsoever. Since the doors have opened, they are continuing to have a new family arrive every day, pleading for enrolment for their children. 

Although fundraising to date has been very successful with many generous donations flowing in, there is still a shortfall of £7,500 for the following essential items:

  • Landfill for the rear of the property in order to grass the football pitch
  • Paving for driveways, walkways, play areas, shade areas etc. 
  • Grass for football pitch and play areas
  • Football pitch goal posts and netting, 8 metre high steel posts, entry gate and quality netting around perimeter of pitch
  • Security lighting to property
  • Security barbed wire rolls on top of concrete fencing for security.
  • TV and steel brackets for Kinder classes (2)
  • Electricity surge protector & power backup for computer class
  • Every little contribution really helps and will make a massive difference to children's lives.

VDCA school